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December 16, 2003


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Thing is, Ben, Wayne - Clinton's predecessor - was much worse. He brought to the show long hair and overuse of the word, "Hello!"

In other words, you need to seek out these older episodes.


I think the problem with the show is that they don't know how to dress anybody. All the styles they put on their "victims" are just horrid. The show is like a train wreck. They need to fire both host in the US and start again with stlyists that have real style.


i used to feel like you did, for a long long time in fact. but the more i watch the american version, the more i almost think i like it better than the british original. i must preface my comments by telling you how my blood ran cold when i first saw the american version, and saw the opening and how they stole the theme music blah blah blah (really, it seems like tlc finds it impossible to come up with any original tv shows, but that's another tangent all together). i grew, after many viewings, to like wayne and stacy, and was pretty sad not to see wayne anymore. especially since i heard he got a much-needed haircut. but i like the fact that the american show is an hour, and you get to see so much more (hair, makeup) than you do on the too-short half-hour brit version. plus, i think overall the people look better after the american version than the british one. but it's all subjective at the end of the day. maybe i just think they look so much better than most people in my area (d.c.)...but i'm glad that tlc wanted to put out a what not to wear. at least they want people to look better, y'know? (sorry this is so lengthy!)


I completely agree with you about the American WNTW compared to the British one. Trinny and Susannah don't come off as corny, camera-hungry hosts like Clint and Stacey do. T&S seem to give better fashion advice and are able to show the women how bad they're dressing.

Also, the advice that C&S give is seems to be more oriented toward the latest fashions, rather than what looks good on the individual. T&S emphasize curves and shape more than what's in and what's out.

I think if C&S just stop talking to the camera (literally) then the American WNTW would be much better. Then they should learn how to dress individual women.


I live in the Caribbean and I have seen both the British version and the American version and I must say the American version is MUCH MUCH better than the British version. The end results on TLC's WNTW beats the Brits version.


Hi all,
My name is Jacquelene, I'm a New York City reporter doing an article on all the TV makeover shows. If you are willing to answer some questions about What Not to Wear, The Swan or Extreme Makeover, please email me asap.



How do you think 'What Not to Wear' is affecting the way that we perceive eachother? Do you now see people on the street and say "she needs to go on the show."?
Also, what do you think of the makeover shows that encorporate plastic surgery? Are they crazy?
Finally, why are you fascinated with 'What not to Wear?'
Thanks for your responses!

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